There have been some major changes since we first published this blog.  The largest is combining all of our sites to the myimportparts  domain. Second we changed our host and in doing so gained a better parts catalog, and a easier shopping cart for our customers.

The site(s) navigations no longer apply, the new site is so intuitive and easy to use that primers on site navigation is no longer needed. The FAQ’s still apply for the most part.

The other is our Ebay stores, factoryhondaparts and factoryhondapartsusa gives some of the lowest prices on Ebay on popular Honda parts and accessories.  

Effective in Feburary 2011 we have discontinued shipping to Canada. We are only shipping to the 50 United States.

We are not able to process any orders that use international credit cards for payment. Only US issued credit cards will be accepted. Although our processing system my initially accept your payment. It will be canceled. Sorry.

First time customers are not allowed to use an alternate “ship to’ address.

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Which side of my vehicle is Left?, and other common questions.

Here’s the quick simple answer to the most common questions to save you time going through our FAQ’s

All of our parts are Original Equipment Parts. No Used, Aftermarket, Gray Market, Re-Boxed, or white box parts. All of our parts are ordered directly from Acura, Honda, Hyundai and Subaru warehouses.

The Drivers Side of the Vehicle is the LEFT hand side, The Passenger Side is the Right Hand Side. Don’t over think it…. whether you are facing the front or the rear….. It’s the same rule. If you are not sure, tell us in the comment box in your shopping cart.

Brake pads are sold by Axle set, a front set of pads will service both sides of the front. Same thing with brake shoe sets. Rotors and drums are serviced individually meaning you need to order two rotors they don’t come in sets of two. 

Spark Plugs are sold individually not by a set, Spark Plug Wires can be sold individually or in sets but in most cases we are more likely to have the set in stock, and special order the individual wires.

Bumper Covers do not come painted. Doors, hoods, fenders, roofs. trunks, tailgates do not come painted. They also need to be shipped via Freight Truck only. Each of our shipping options on our site say (no oversize) all the body parts listed above are oversize.  The shipping option you select will have a disclaimer about oversize parts listed. You have to check a box to acknowledge that you read the shipping options so please read it. You’ll be much happier if you check with us for a shipping quote first instead of selecting regular ground shipping on that bumper cover only to have us contact you and tell you what the freight price is. We cannot paint them for you, nor can we supply you with the paint.

Acura and Honda do supply their Mirrors and body moldings painted. Hyundai and Subaru do not unless you are ordering pre-painted accessories.

Why we ask for your VIN: We’re not being nosey, we just want to sell you the correct part the first time, every time. Back in the old days… lol.. there weren’t that many options to be concerned about other than with A/C without A/C, Cloth or Leather, Color, Bucket seats or bench. Engine size. Transmission. Simple right? Not anymore.                                                  

Todays Vehicles have more options that you can imagine. Not to mention mid-year changes that are VIN specific. When we plug your VIN into our Dealership computers it tells us how your vehicle was built, what options, colors, trim level, emissions. It tells us how it left the factory and nothing after that as far as the parts department goes. When you order your parts and you supply a VIN we reference what the vehicle is, what was ordered and compare what you ordered to our listings in our dealership computer. We make corrections to orders everyday. We correct accessories you order too. If we can’t tell what car you are ordering them for we can’t make sure you ordered the correct accessory. I’ve had people who order floor mats for a 2 door instead of a 4 door. Black mats instead of Gray or beige mats. Roof Racks for a Forrester when they drove an Outback. Now… even if you supply the vin and order the wrong side like the left fog lamp instead of the right one… please refer to the top of this page and read it again.

Parts Catalogs: Please don’t just click on Accord Parts and start using the search box. We call it “Googling the Catalog” It doesn’t work that way.  Maybe those Bing commercials are right! Search Overload.

 Select your Year Make and Model then use the categories below that to make your parts selections. If you need side mirror for your car, think about where it’s located… It’s on the door, so scroll down till you see “Front Door” or “Door” depending on your model, then sub categories will appear…. select Mirror Assembly….etc. Easy!

Parts illustrations:  If you are viewing an illustration in our online parts catalogs please note: These are for reference, they are not exact. They are only going to show one side but if you click on the numbered description above the illustration the right and left side part will be shown below it. Example: you’re looking at an illustration of a Headlight and it’s #6 in the illustration. The link may above may say #6 Right Hand Headlight but if you click on that link both Left and Right Hand Headlights will show below for you to select. If you click on the Bulb only, and only one shows below, it means it fits both right hand and left hand side.

Searching by Part number: Don’t set your vehicle by Year Make and Model and put your part number in the right had search box. It may not show. Instead go to the site menu bar, and click on Honda Parts Search, or Acura, Hyunda or Subaru…. or click on the Search by keyword or part number Link below our site logo, but this time skip setting your year make and model and drop down to the search box below that and enter your part number. If you have multiple part numbers click on the words “search multiple part numbers” and enter all your numbers on the next page. If they all show up correctly then add them to your cart, modify quantities by changing the quantities then clicking “Recalculate” in the lower left, select your shipping the add them to cart.

One final thing, in the case of you tuners and enthusiast that are modifying your car, please tell us. We know there are many forums out there where complete parts lists and part numbers are posted by other enthusiasts for modifications to your vehicles. When we get an order without a vin we do spot checks if possible, and the parts number aren’t going to match what we have in the dealership catalog, save us and you the time by giving us the heads up.

Thanks !

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1. Are these Genuine OEM parts?

“Yes, we only sell genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory parts; we are a family owned group of 4 Automotive Dealerships.  We don’t sell used, aftermarket or seconds. Only Original Equipment Manufactured parts can offer the correct fit, finish and performance. Our Family owned chain of dealerships are located in the metro Phoenix Area. We have been in business for 34 years. Our dealerships are: Santan Superstore of Chandler Arizona, Subaru Superstore of Chandler Arizona, Acura of Tempe Arizona and Hyundai of Tempe Arizona.

2. Why do you need my VIN number when placing my order?

“Your Vin number allows our parts catalog to only show parts that apply to your car and also gives us information about the color of the car for interior and exterior items in different trim, fabric, colors or exterior parts that may be painted. While our online catalogs are accurate it’s not 100 percent It also lets us be more accurate.”For our Canadian customers we cannot look up your parts by using your VIN number. Vehicles produced for Canadian consumption are excluded from our US catalogs. While in most cases the parts are identical we have no access to Honda of Canada’s Parts catalogs to verify this. We will be happy to supply you with our part numbers so you can verify the part numbers. If you cannot do this please supply us with as much detail about your vehicle in the comments section during checkout.

3. Why did my shipping prices go up? / why are you requesting more freight?

“There could be a number of reasons for prices to go up. The most common reasons which are listed in the shipping policy are Oversized and Overweight items. While the estimated shipping prices are usually good, when dealing with oversized items and overweight items carriers charge more per pound or based on the size of the box.  Items like those that are part of the exterior of the car like a bumper cover or fender or items like interior door panels and even light moldings that go the length of the car, those items are considered oversized because of room they take up in a freight truck like UPS or FedEx so the charges will change because of the size. Items that are smaller but overweight will also change the pricing. Something like a steel rim will be cheap in price but it weights 18-20 lbs and because of its weight freight will be based off it. Same with items like brake rotors, they are small and flat boxes but they way 10-15 lbs each. As stated in our policies nearly all external body parts are oversize and will not ship via regular UPS or FedEx, these parts will only ship on a freight truck. If you order body parts and select “ground” shipping your order will be placed on hold while we send you a freight quote for your order. Expect anywhere between 100 to 350 dollars depending on what your location is and what you purchased.  We will always ask for approval if your actual shipping is higher than your estimated freight.

For Canadian Customers there are Brokerage fees, Taxes and Tariffs that are involved and well as country of origin of your parts that we have to process. We like to ship Brokerage inclusive meaning that when the part arrives at your door you don’t have to pay the delivery person the additional charges. On some Canadian orders please expect an email with a total shipping price for your approval. Please respond to the email with your approval for faster service.

4. Why does it still say my order is processing?

“If we have to order the part from the factory warehouse it may take a few days to get the part into our dealership in order to ship the part out.”

5. How do I see replies to my questions and check my order status?

“If you log back into your Parts account and select “Parts account” you will come to a screen with five tabs on a window. They will say (Account information / Messages / Auctions / Order Status / My Favorites) the message tab will have messages from a parts rep with either questions or concerns or updates on the order which will also explain the order status and why it may be on hold or still processing.”

6. Why is it taking so long to get my parts?

Any ground service will be between 5-7 business days, while this may be faster most the time it is the window most freight company’s use. That along with having to order the parts in could lead to a longer delay then you might expect. While this is unusual to have that long of a wait it can happen and we do our best to let you know of any shipping delays.

7. Your site is showing the wrong pictures on the catalog I ordered the left side not right side can I return it?

Here are a few tips to help you demystify our parts illustrations and ensure that you get the correct part for the correct side of your vehicle. First off, at least in North America, The Drivers side is considered the Left hand side of the vehicle and the Passenger side is the right side. Yes that excludes delivery vehicles here with the steering wheel on the “other side”   Think about sitting in your car in the driver’s seat. Your are sitting on the left side, the passenger is to the right. Even when you are standing in front of your car trying to order an engine mount  Left is still drivers side and Right is still passengers side.  All locations are oriented from the driver’s seat.

Now… on to those pesky parts illustrations that only show a picture one side. Nearly all vehicle manufacturers only illustrate one side of the vehicle. The illustrations are only a guide or representation of the actual part. In our catalogs when you come upon an illustration your key to finding the correct part is to click on the “call outs” in the yellow area above the illustration. Say you are looking at a picture of a fog light for your vehicle and its #8 in the illustration. Go above the illustration and find #8 and click on the description by #8. Below the Yellow area two choices will appear below.…. Fog Lamp Left and Fog Lamp Right. THEN you can add the correct side to your cart from there.

Say you already ordered the wrong side and you want to return it? Contact us please, in most cases we will let you return the part providing it’s within our return policies. Another handy item is if you are still not sure, please state which side you are ordering in the comments section while you are placing your order.

8. Can you drop ship items from the factory?

The vehicle manufacturers do not allow us to have parts drop shipped to the customer; they must arrive into the dealer ship before they can get shipped out to you.

9. Do you ship to……..?

We ship to the 50 United States including the District of Columbia and All provinces of Canada. ONLY.

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Website Navigation

First off I’d like to direct you to our Youtube videos that we produced as a basic primer on how to search our catalogs. We produced one for each of our 4 sites. I will expand on catalog search do’s and dont’s in some of my next posts as well as our most frequently asked questions.

 Factory Honda Parts

Acura Parts Source

Shop Hyundai Parts

Shop Subaru Parts

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Welcome to blog! Myimportparts combines our group of  auto parts websites known as Factory Honda Parts, Acura Parts Source, Shop Subaru Parts, Acura Parts Source and Shop Volvo Parts. We are a family owned and operated chain of Automotive Dealerships in the metro Phoenix area with over 34 years in the automotive business. The purpose of this blog is to assist our customers with tricks and tips to navigate our websites parts catalogs so you can successfully place your orders with complete confidence, answer frequently asked questions and any other useful car care tips you may need to make that next repair successful and stress free.

There have been some major changes since we first published this blog.  The largest is combining all of our sites to the myimportparts domain. Second we changed our host and in doing so gained a better parts catalog, and a easier shopping cart for our customers.

The site(s) navigations no longer apply, the new site is so intuitive and easy to use that primers on site navigation is no longer needed. The FAQ’s still apply for the most part.

Thank you for coming to visit.

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