I have over 27 years experience in the automotive parts sales field. I currently supervise the Internet Parts Sales and Phone Support Department for our 5 dealership’s combined internet parts site based in the metro Phoenix Area. www.myimportparts.com is our website, combining all of our individual sites into one easy to use site. Our parent dealerships are Santan Honda Superstore in Chander, AZ, Subaru Superstore of Chander, Acura of Tempe ,Tempe Hyundai and Volvo of Tempe. In my spare time I enjoy building guitars and fixing guitars, amps and guitar effects pedals. I never met a tube amp I didn’t like and I prefer my Les Paul and Telecasters over anything else. Ocasionaly we pull the old 80’s band out of mothballs for a worthy cause and a fun time. I’m the guy in the youtube videos for our websites. I begged them for a stunt double but they wouldn’t let me have one. I winged it with no major injuries.